Change your life in 2016 with just 2 Steps a day!

2016 is the year you finally stop procrastinating and make that big change you have been putting off forever. No matter what it may be, the road towards reaching your goals doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By using the simple and effective motivational techniques within the 2Steps2YourBest E-Book on a daily basis you can achieve virtually anything you set your mind to. And all it takes is just 2 Steps a day. Simple as that.

Understanding the underlying principal of 2Steps2YourBest and using it to change your life:

Before Enlightenment…Chop Wood, Carry Water
After Enlightenment…Chop Wood, Carry Water

The basic premise is that both chopping wood and
carrying water are critical to survival. In ancient times,
chopping wood and carrying water were necessary
because everyone needed wood to heat their home and
cook, and water to drink and bathe. Chopping wood
once meant literally swinging an axe to create a pile of
wood that would be sufficient to provide for the needs of
your family. Basically, chopping wood is the idea that you
must do some type of productive work each day.
But to put it into context as an idea for gaining
abundance — or success— chopping wood means
taking action – not being afraid to swing the axe – to do
the work you need to do each day to further your goals
and move toward abundance. Just keep chopping each
day, so one day you will get a wood pile.

Carrying water encompasses the idea that each day, we
must help others in some way, so carrying water simply
means doing something for someone else. For
thousands of years it was carrying water for someone
else. In fact, if you look around it even signifies doing
something unpleasant on the behalf of someone else.

Now, again, to put this into context to help you move
forward in your success, just do something for someone
else every day. Yes, every day. And do it deliberately. You
don’t have to be Mother Teresa. It could be anything.

Think about simplicity. Carrying water could be picking
up the phone and calling someone and just saying hello
and seeing if there is anything that you can do for them.
Carrying water could be giving the individual with the
cardboard sign a dollar today. It’s helping someone in
some way each day. Absolutely anything for anyone else.

Now that you know what it means, you can begin to
incorporate these principals into your life. You can begin
to chop wood and carry water today, right now.