Miguel B. Hart

“The Musical Motivator”

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 Miguel B. Hart with Leo Widrich & Brant Cooper

“Founder’s Talk w/ Leo Widrich, COO of Buffer”

 Miguel B. Hart

“2 Steps : Chop Wood, Carry Water”

Miguel B. Hart

“Go Organic! (Wild Oats Promo)”

 Miguel B. Hart

“One / If You Lost Someone”

 Miguel B. Hart feat. Michael Fitzpatrick & Lisa Campbell

“Change This Year (Wish You Were Here)”

Miguel B. Hart

“AZ’s B-Day – Freestyle for Change”

Jessica Grahn

“Music on the Brain:@ TEDx”

ASAP Science

“The Scientific Power of Music”

Jonathan Chase

“Music: A Window into the Autistic Mind”

Ardon Shorr

“Unlocking Music with Neuroscience”

Deanna Choi

“Music: Better than Sex and Chocolate”


“Playlist for Concentration”

Alpha Waves Study Music

“Brain Power Music”