Innovate Elevate, LLC. is Miguel B. Hart’s flagship company, formed to house his motivational multimedia empire. At the forefront of this is the eponymous mastermind group, Innovate, Elevate: Accelerate.
Founded by Miguel in 2015 alongside his frequent collaborators and respective masters of their fields; Anthony Zolezzi, Ashok Kamal, Nicholas Sherwood and Sean Powell, the company has quickly flourished. Customers around the globe rely on Innovate Elevate, LLC.  for their cutting edge expertise in Innovation Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Purposeful Peak Performance.

We house an extraordinarily gifted group of motivational speakers, consultants, and life coaches. Don’t start 2016 carrying dead weight, let our experts inspire your to innovate.

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Miguel B. Hart is: “The Musical Motivator”
3022942-inline-i-1-music-and-our-brainsThe science of sound holds the secrets to success!

Within every human being lies the ability to hit the highest notes that life has to offer: Success, Happiness, Love and  Purpose. Once you are in tune with the creative forces of the universe, those forces can and WILL turn any vision, desire or dream into reality. My life’s journey has been to channel and utilize these creative forces to awaken the inherent gifts within us all and help all of  humanity experience the joyful power which comes from hitting life’s high notes.

— Miguel B. Hart “The Musical Motivator”


Many of the world’s most successful and fulfilled individuals from all over the globe have used Miguel B. Hart’s “2 Steps: Chop Wood, Carry Water” system for creating an extraordinary life—achieving their ultimate goals and experiencing the true fulfillment they desire by getting #Flowtivated. Now you can too!

Whether it’s the CEO of a multinational corporation, a world-famous musician, a professional athlete at the top of their game or a full time parent working harder than all those folks put together, those who are truly living an extraordinary life—life on their terms—all know this scientifically backed secret to success. 

Miguel has stumbled upon a truly one of a kind motivational method, backed by centuries of science and sociological feedback from the world’s top minds. Learn more about how “The Musical Motivator” uses the collective scientific knowledge of humanity to help you find purpose, success and happiness in your life.